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The Famous Silver Vikings’ Bracelet from Falster, Denmark, finished. Original bracelet is located in the National Museum’s 10th century collection in Copenhagen.
Bracelet is adjustable to wrist size and is subtler than an original.

Width in the middle: 17 mm (0.67 ”)
Height in the middle: 7.20 mm (0.28 ”)

The bracelet is flexible and can be adjusted to your wrist. It is safe because the bronze has been subjected to heat treatment and it is not too fragile.

material: Bronze
weight: 40g

Standard size for wrist circumference 18 – 20 cm (7″ – 7 7⁄8” )

If you need smaller or bigger size of bracelet, please let me know: nord.emporium@gmail.com

Handmade by traditional method. Only precious metals!

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All of my jewelry (design, idea, execution, finishing of the surface) are copyright products of my Jewellery workshop . Only my workshop is the official manufacturer of all my jewelry.

All rights reserved by Nord Emporium


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