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SHÍLE NA GIG (Sterling Silver)

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Sheela Na Gig ( Sidhe Lena Gig, Shíle na Gig ) Pendant

Celtic and Irish Jewellery Series

Sheela na Gig is a Celtic, Irish Fertility Symbol seen in various forms throughout the Ireland also in UK and the Norse world but always in a squatting position, giving birth to new generations.
‘Sheela na Gig’ as being – in Gaelic – Sidhe Lena Gig. This is pronounced ‘Shee Lena Gig’.
Sidhe is the Gaelic for Fairy Woman. Lena is the Gaelic for ‘with her’ and Gig is the Gaelic for sexual appendage. Sheela na Gig is ‘Sidhe Lena Gig’ and means Fairy Woman with her sexual appendage.

In Ireland exist more then 100 of stone carvings of Sheela Na Gigs. They are primarily a sacred religious object that was erected on many churches of the medieval period, invariably placed in a very prominent position such as over the main entrance door or a window. The Sheela-Na-Gigs became something of an embarrassment to churches who skewed their meaning and interpreted them as Christian warnings against lust.

The pendant is made of Sterling Silver
Size: 25 x 15 mm

Handmade in Ireland, Cork

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