Serpent Pendant from Gørding, Denmark

On February 10, 2019, near Gørding, Denmark, Jean Stockholm and Doris Birch Mathiesen found a beautiful gold pendant with a coiled snake. This beautiful pendant is small, only 25mm long, is incredibly decorated with a very small filigree. My replica is almost a 1:1 (27mm) The pendant was hung on a wire which was […]

The Lady of Tuna in the Museum Version

I prepared the next version which is an exact copy of the authentic museum exhibit. The replica is made of oxidised Sterling Silver and partially glided with pure gold, the same as the original, where the gold was preserved only in the hollows Limited Edition, available now!

Be careful, illegal copies of my artwork on eBay and other webshops!

Dear Customers, I have noticed recently that there are copies of my original work, especially Ragnar’s Cross, available to buy on some internet sites. To protect good name of my company and in order to avoid confusion, from now on all my products will be stamped with a specially designed punch mark visible on the […]