Our Viking Events 2024

Boyne Valley Viking Experience 18th-19th of MaySlane Castle Co. Meath, Irelandhttps://www.boynevalleyevents.com/slane-castle-viking-festival Foteviken Viking Market 27th-30th of June (21-30)Museivägen 27, 236 91 Höllviken, Swedenhttps://www.fotevikensmuseum.se/en/blank-2 Borre Viking Market 5th-7th of JulyBirkelyveien 9, 3184 Borre, Norwayhttps://www.borrevikinglag.com/ Hedeby Summer Market 11th-14th of JulyHaddebyer Chaussee B76, 24866 Busdorf, Germanyhttps://haithabu.de/en/programme?seite=6 Trelleborg Viking Festival 2024 13th-21st of JulyTrelleborg Allé 4, Hejninge4200 Slagelse, […]

Our Viking Events 2022

Foteviken Museum - photo: Sven Rosborn

photo: Sven Rosborn, Foteviken Museum Viking Events 2022 where you can find Nord Emporium jewellery stall: March25-27 March, Strangford Lough Viking Festival – Portaferry & Strangford, Northern Ireland, UKMay21-22 May, Boyne Valley Viking Experience, Slane Castle Co. Meath Republic of Ireland, IEJuly1-3 July Viking Market at Foteviken, Höllviken, Sweden, SE 16-24 July Trelleborg Viking Festival […]

Serpent Pendant from Gørding, Denmark

On February 10, 2019, near Gørding, Denmark, Jean Stockholm and Doris Birch Mathiesen found a beautiful gold pendant with a coiled snake. https://sydvestjyskemuseer.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/page/2/ This beautiful pendant is small, only 25mm long, is incredibly decorated with a very small filigree. My replica is almost a 1:1 (27mm) The pendant was hung on a wire which was […]